Gary Moore — Friday On My Mind

Bob Daisley – Bass

Eric Singer – Drums

Neil Murray – Keyboards

This single was released in May 1987, during the Wild Frontier Tour, and also got an official promo video, what was filmed (partly) in Barcelona before the show.
“I liked the idea of taking this really old song and doing something new with it and going to the other extreme of doing a very high-tech, electronic version with Fairlights and electronic drums and all that sort of thing, whereas the original version was very basic and natural. So it was interesting to be able to take it somewhere else, but also, when I thought about the words I realised that a lot of the people who come to see us can really identify with that whole thing, you know, they can’t wait for the weekend and they’re all stuck in these dead-end jobs, or they hate school or whatever and everyone loves Friday night, because it means they can do whatever they want for a couple of days.”
(Gary Moore – Juke, No. 645, 5th September 1987)


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